The Hearing Hub

All about me...

My name is Miss Rowles.  I am an itinerant teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing.  What?!  You may be wondering what it is that I do.  If you see me around the school you may even think that I work there.  I travel from district to district and school to school within the county.  I provide services for students who have varying levels of hearing loss.  Some students may need more support than others!  I am here to support both the students and the teachers who are working with them. 

Sometimes I may come into your classroom to see how my student is working with their peers and participating in class.  Other times, I may pull my student to work with them on one on in a more ideal listening environment.  Don't get scared- I am not the teaching police.  Most of the time I am more concerned with the student than the teacher.  I am not there to judge your lesson or tell you how to teach only to provide resources and tips for working with a student who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Depending on the student I may be there to help maintain their FM equipment.  I work closely with a few school audiologists to keep the students' equipment working without a hitch.  This is why the teachers have all of my contact information.  Keep in mind that I travel and it may take me a few minutes, hours, or a day to get to your building to help with your problem.